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Top 5 FAQs about the Marriott Centralized Group Commission Program


Marriott introduced the centralized group partner commissions program in January 2007. The program facilitates the consistent payment of group commissions and allows Marriott to provide consolidated payments and detailed statements for all commission eligible events, as well as to resolve commission issues efficiently and accurately. At a time when non-accredited individuals are increasingly requesting commission payments, the program allows Marriott to ensure that its group partners are providing services commensurate with commission compensation.


The program is available only to industry-accredited group partners. To determine appropriate accreditation, Marriott refers only to those accrediting programs designed to meet the needs of meeting planners and other group partners: the IATAN program and the IATA Travel Industry Designator (TIDS) program. In addition, Marriott accepts commission requests from group partners who have traditional IATA (Airline Appointed), ARC numbers and CLIA Embarc ID.


The benefits of participation in the centralized commissions program include:

  • Consolidated payments with greater hotel participation - With most of Marriott’s more than 2,800 hotels participating in the program, group partners receive one comprehensive statement, with payment issued weekly for all events held at all Marriott hotels during a payment period.
  • Consistent payments - Although the timing of group commission payments may vary from market to market, group partners enrolled in the program receive consistent and timely automated payments.
  • Detailed statements - Event-level detail statements for each payment include hotel name and address, event name and dates, and the total room nights and revenue for each event, allowing for easy reconciliation of payments.
  • Centralized support - Marriott’s award-winning support desk answers commission payment questions and facilitates the resolution of any inquiries or disputes so that group partners do not need to contact individual hotels with commission queries and issues.


Marriott began centrally paying group commissions to group partners with a valid ARC, IATAN, IATA, or TIDS number, on all commissionable events scheduled to arrive January 1, 2007 or later and to CLIA partner agencies for commissionable events scheduled to arrive June 1, 2016 or later. Payments for events arriving June 1, 2007 or later will be paid centrally and only to accredited intermediaries.


Group partners in the U.S. and Canada will be required to present their ARC, IATAN, IATA, or TIDS number by the arrival date of the event for programs arriving June 1, 2007 and later. Group partners with a CLIA number must present their CLIA number effective June 1, 2016.

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