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Top 5 FAQs about the Marriott Centralized Group Commission Program


Marriott's Group Commission Portal has three types of access:

  • Administrator:  This access is typically assigned to the person who manages financial operations for your organization. The Administrator has access to all Group Commission Portal features including the ability to manage Group Commission Portal access for other users. If your organization does not have an Owner/Verified Administrator established with ARC/IATA/CLIA, users will be unable to gain access to the Group Commission Portal until one is established.
  • Co-Administrator:  This access can only be granted by the organization's verified Administrator and has the same access as an Administrator.
  • Delegate:  This access may be granted by the organization's verified Administrator or Co-Administrator, and can view commission statements, search commissions, and submit commission inquiries. Delegates are not authorized to sign-up for, modify and/or cancel direct deposit, or manage access to the Group Commission Portal for other users.


Marriott International serves as a central processor and facilitator of consolidated group commission payments for all industry-accredited U.S. and Canadian group intermediary partners across more than 8,500 hotels globally. Commissions are scheduled for release 45 days after the event departure

For group intermediary partners located outside the U.S. and Canada, commission payments are paid and supported by the hotel contracting the business.


Although Marriott typically processes all components of a group commission at the same time, the presence of a second (or third) payment date for an event indicates folio or billing activity that occurred after the group master bill was processed. Such instances are the result of late settlement of attendee folios or of adjustments requested by you or the hotel.


According to Marriott's Group Commission Policy, Marriott will not pay commissions on net rates, or on rates where commission is due to another booking travel agency (i.e. Online Travel Agency). 


View the My Inquiries page to track your commission inquiries. Requests are assigned one of the following status values:

  • Submitted – initial status when an inquiry is opened
  • In Progress – inquiry has been received and is under review
  • Resolved – inquiry has been researched, and resolution has been identified
  • Escalated – commission payment is "In Progress" and escalated to the hotel for further review and action

Once the inquiry is resolved, the inquiry submitter will receive an email informing them that the inquiry has been resolved.

Welcome Group Partners!

Marriott continues to invest in enhancements to our dedicated Group Partners’ website to better serve you. Experience all the tools available on our Group Commission Portal designed to make doing business with Marriott easier than ever before.

  • Online inquiry submission for missing or underpaid commissions 
  • Visibility to track the status of your online inquiries at your convenience
  • Ability to view and download commission statements, and generate commission payment summary or detail-level reports
  • Easily search and view future events, and submit an online inquiry if a future event is not found