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Exciting New Commission Portal Features and Statement Delivery Change

We are very excited to share new features available on our Group Commission Portal that will streamline your efforts in reconciling Marriott’s commission payments in a secure environment.

Privacy, security, and responsible & sustainable business practices are top priorities for Marriott International, and we believe that how we do business is as important as the business we do. Marriott continues to invest in enhancements to our dedicated Group Partners’ website to better serve you at

New Commission Portal Features Now Available!

The following new features are now available on our Commission Portal, designed to make doing business with Marriott easier:

  • New Online Group Inquiry Submission Tools:  Submit requests for missing or underpaid group commissions securely from the Commission Portal.
  • New “My Inquiries” Page: View and track the status of your online inquiry submissions at your convenience. Marriott’s Intermediary Partner Care (IPC) team will review and publish responses to your inquiries on the Commission Portal, and you will receive an email notification once a response is posted.
  • Enhanced Commissions Research: Improved search features provide you with increased visibility into your group pick-up.
  • Improved “Future Events” Search: New filtering options enable you to more easily search and view future events, plus a new capability to submit an online inquiry if a future event is not found.
  • New Online “Commissions Reporting”: New self-service access to generate group commission payment reports at either Summary or Detail level view for a specific date range.
  • View and Download Commission Statements: Securely access and easily download your commission statements of any size.

Please visit Marriott’s Group Commission Portal to experience all of the benefits available to you. Click here to view the “How to Access the Commission Portal” step-by-step guide located under “Resources”.

Marriott's Commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Business Practices

Effective May 15, 2022, all commission statements are only delivered via Marriott’s Commission Portal, supporting our sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction. However, paper commission statements are available upon request here.